Japanese Peace Pole Bell ~ Macomb, Illinois

Today is my 63rd. birthday. My wife contacted your company and had a special order peace pole – one that would hang from a bracket, on the same pole that we have a Japanese bell hanging from. This pole is located in the very rearmost portion of our yard. The area has a Japanese style bridge (a gift to each other for our 35th. anniv.) going over a dry rock wash. The peace pole has the message of peace in four languages: Japanese (the originator of the peace pole), English, Cherokee (my great-grandmother’s native language), and Swedish (as Pat is Swedish). William, our son, is coming home for the weekend and will help us hang the peace pole on Saturday. I plan to read the poem “The Song of the Pacifist” by Robert Service when the pole is attached. An explanation will be given of why the specific four languages were chosen, and the bell will be rung for each message of peace. I will then ring the eight bells for ship’s watch.

This Japanese style bridge area, always an area of contemplation for us (and once, the site of a wedding for one of our state judge’s legal staff), will now be even more meaningful to us. The above was my husband’s explanation of the ceremony he planned for last Saturday. He wrote all of this (with a few minor changes that I made) to his sister in Kansas. He was pleased to receive the Peace Pole, and I was pleased that you rushed to get it to us in time. All of our guests make the trek out to the bridge when they visit and ring the bell. We will explain the whole idea of a peace pole to each of them, and I am already planning a party for my husband’s next birthday with a rededication ceremony with more guests. We all love it.

Pat, John, & William