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    The Original Peace Pole Makers

    Offering you unlimited possibilites to "plant" the seed of Peace, with well over 1000 languages collected over the last 30 years. We give you the ability to customize a truly handmade wooden Peace Pole to your liking, needs and wants! We offer you the chance to create your own personalized statement for Peace. Whether it be from a long list of languages and dialects the world over to your very own. You can take your pick from our smallest 7" Mini pole to our largest 8' octagon, supporting up to 16 languages.

    From the corner of your desk, to wherever your feel a seed of Peace needs to be planted, this Michigan based, American owned company is here to help you!.

    Established 1985

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    Peace Poles
    Three types of 8' Peace Poles to choose from, along with your choice of color, plaques, or engraving.

    From mini poles, desktop poles and garden poles, including stands for indoor display!
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