8-Sided Octagon Cedar

Peace Pole Makers USA Price List

8-Sided Hexagon Cedar Peace Pole options begin with an 8’ pole of hardy cedar for natural beauty and resiliency to the elements. Poles with selections of 8 plaques and 16 plaques in Plexiglass, Rainbow, and Engraved finishes are available along with more than 50 standard languages and hundreds of specialty languages to convey May Peace Prevail On Earth in the most personalized manner possible. Stain finishes include Original, Up North, and White. (White is unavailable for Engraved finishes.)

Please refer to the Installation and Care section for preserving the fine craftsmanship of your pole long into the future. We’re always available to discuss customized and special orders or to answer questions.

About Our Cedar: We like to think around here that peace itself is imperfect, and while we strive to provide you with the best cedar poles available, our wooden poles come with the inherent imperfections of a natural wood product. For this reason, we also proudly offer our aluminum poles for beautifully displaying, May Peace Prevail On Earth.