Installation & Care

Planting Options Vary —The means and methods for "planting" or installing your Peace Pole naturally differ for each setting. For a typical garden environment, planting the pole with packing soil, loose gravel, or sand at its base is likely sufficient. In a park setting or location where better stability is preferred, the example here could be a good starting point. 

We always welcome the opportunity to offer guidance or answer questions, so please call 314-764-2321.

Peace Pole Installation

This example assumes material for a pole with greater stability desired.

1-2 bags of Redi-Mix cement
Spade shovel
Bubble level
Hoe and wheelbarrow for mixing cement
5-10 gallons of water to mix cement and wash tools

Dig a hole approximately 16” square/deep.

Mix the concrete according to the instructions and put half of the mixture in the hole.

Place the Peace Pole in the hole approximately 12” from the base of the pole (for hexagon and octagon poles, 16-20 inches). Use the bubble level to ensure the pole is straight.

Add the remaining concrete. Use the level again and adjust if necessary. (You might choose not to place your Peace Pole in cement. If so, simply fill with dirt, pack, and follow the leveling recommendations.)

Smooth the concrete. If desired, note the date or add something into the firming cement.

Landscaping or placing flowers in a slightly raised mound around your Peace Pole makes an attractive presentation.

Peace Pole Care

Plexiglass plaques may be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild, soapy water. Worn plaques may be replaced by purchasing replacements here.

The natural plant resin oil finished Peace Poles may be left to weather gradually and naturally. If you care to renew the surface appearance eventually, an exterior quality plant resin oil (organic stain) finish is suggested that can be sanded to the natural wood and a new finish applied. A tung oil product also would be satisfactory.

Cedar wood itself should resist decay. However, we do not recommend planting it in an area that remains continually wet or moist.