An Unintended Start

An Unintended Start

It all started innocently enough. We left for a week-long vacation to Traverse City, Michigan in our new travel trailer. What we didn’t know is that this would be a journey like no other and the start of a life-changing event, an event that we feel we have been unwittingly drawn to for quite some time.

What started it all was the aging Peace Pole in our backyard. It was time for a new one, so we decided to order one for us and poles for our two sons and their families as Christmas gifts. When I found out that the poles were being made close to our vacation spot in Northern Michigan, we decided it would be fun to see how they’re made and pick ours up to bring home. Check! We were welcomed in.

Now, had our Peace Poles been ready our plan would have worked, but as it turns out, they weren’t. The owner and chief maker, Dave, was expecting us to come for a chewing out, but instead Jim greeted him with questions about how he got started in the business and what seemed like hundreds more. “Well, it just kind of fell into my lap,” Dave said, which became our mantra for the rest of the week as we heard those same words uttered by multiple people, including ourselves, over and over again.

Dave offhandedly mentioned he was wanting to get out of the business he had taken over from the prior owners 20 years ago, which had been in operation for 16 years before that. After we were back in the truck I turned to Jim and asked, “You could do that, right?” We were both thinking the same thing! 

And so our journey to finding peace has started. As Jim has said over and over recently, in our 38 years of marriage we haven’t been as energized and passionate about something at the same time and in the same way as we have been in our quest to purchase this business and bring a message of peace to the world. This is just the beginning of our journey. The excitement is palpable and everyone we talk to has been just as excited as us.

Please join us on our journey of finding peace as we update you on our progress of continuing the legacy of delivering a message of peace to the world.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!